Everyday life. Optimists live longer, science says so

Optimism is good for morale and health. According to a new studyOptimists live much longer than pessimists. Forget the cup half empty, choose the cup half full!

This is certainly not the first survey to remind pessimists that life is unfair. But this is the first thing that takes into account many people (160,000 women) and above all the majority of ethnic groups.

5.4% more life

On average, optimism increases life span by 5.4%. Lifestyle and lifestyle only “marginally” affect this outcome.

About 53% of these women are over the age of 90. In addition, this report reinforces the data From a previous analysis from 2019This time, the focus is on women and men.

Don’t confuse optimism with positive thinking.

Be careful: researchers talk about optimism, not “positive thinking.” The researchers explained that “optimism does not mean avoidance of stressors.” “But when something negative happens, optimists don’t blame themselves and see the hitch as temporary or even ultimately positive.” Thus, this way of seeing things will also play into heart health and reduce fatty foods. Because in times of stress, we tend to choose comfort foods, which are thus sweeter and creamier.

However, pessimism is not inevitable. The brain can be “trained” to see life on the positive side. Admittedly, this requires regular effort (there are many exercises, such as writing five positive things in your life every day, or writing a diary that only lists the positive things in your daily life…). But it is worth it.

In short, as the saying goes, “to live old, live happily” …

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