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Ex-executive says Canada shouldn’t be afraid to develop Huawei 5G

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The former CEO of Huawei Canada, Pierre Bissonnette, believes that it is unjustified to fear that this company will develop 5G technology in the country, even if Meng Wanzhou’s return in China and Michael’s return in Canada continue to talk.

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Bissonnette said Canadians should not be afraid that the Chinese company could use its devices to engage in electronic espionage.

Since 1987, Huawei has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and communications in the world. Its products are sold in Canada by Bell, Rogers, Telus and Videotron.

In an interview with QUB Radio, Mr. Bisonnette said that if Huawei developed 5G technology in Canada, it would not run the operations division left to its suppliers.

Currently, 4G network deployment is subject to Canadian regulations. Huawei has pledged to allow the federal government to check software usage to make sure prohibited uses, such as backdoors, are not detected.

“Back doors” are “back doors” that would allow sensitive information to be stolen.

According to the former leader, if Canada continues to enforce these regulations, the country will continue to benefit from protection.

However, it states that telecom service providers are obligated to have a function in their equipment that makes it possible to intercept calls and carry out espionage.

If police authorities have a mandate to engage in espionage or wiretapping, they submit the request to Videotron, for example, who must be able to respond to that request.

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However, some countries, such as the United States, Great Britain and New Zealand, refuse to allow Huawei to develop their own 5G technology on their territory.

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