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Another step towards revitalizing downtown Gatineau

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This is among the initial action plan proposals aimed at relaunching downtown that were presented Tuesday morning to elected municipal officials at the full committee meeting. The initiative is coordinated by the Downtown Relaunch Committee, which includes representatives from Vision Center-Ville, Tourisme Outaouais and the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce.

The goal is not to recreate 100% of the planning we have already done [à la Ville]. It is taking advantage of the opportunity that we have, with the economic recovery, to direct certain actions, summarized the consultant Hal WrightCedric Tessier. He had proposed setting up the commission as president of the Table de Concertation du center-ville.

The main axes ofexpertise Introduced in the initial projected roadmap are, for example, new cycle links, public markets, bleachers and gypsum boards as many initiatives to be placed on test beds.

The aim is to identify short-term best practices for the long-term development of eight major projects.

They were outlined in the initial action plan, which was drawn up after a public online consultation in which nearly 300 citizens participated. We find there the idea of ​​creating a file a wide place, or a public place to host major events.

It should be in the heart of the city center and not in the suburbs. Jacques Cartier Park, we actually played in this movie. It is too far away and will not have a positive effect on downtown businessCedric Tessier argued.

Her colleague, Louise Baudrias, who believes[t] Back in Jacques Cartier ParkHe believes that there is hardly any place in the city center that can become a public square.

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You have to find a place where you can produce large-scale events. this is the problem. We have a zippy yard which is so much fun […], but we won’t have it for 20 years.

The eight public projects:

  • commercial vitality

  • A road connecting the main attractions from east to west

  • Cultural center

  • Grand Place

  • Eddie Street

  • sustainable mobility

  • holistic living environment

  • Identity and promotion of the city center

Source : Gatineau City

Citizens also mentioned, according to the report submitted, Tuesday, that the needs of the neighborhood’s residents must also be taken into account in the recovery process. The desire arose to ensure that a grocery store was set up in the center of the city, thus providing access to affordable housing.

In terms of the area’s appeal to everyone, we find the idea of ​​redeveloping the banks of the brewery stream, as well as decorating Eddy Street.

It is a street that is underestimated and not highlighted enough. I think that [sa revitalisation] It can attract new people as well as the idea of ​​the public squareMayor Maxim Bednyud Gubin commented on this topic. Along the same lines, he was referring to the fact that downtown merchants are already trying to diversify their customers, given federal officials who continue to work remotely for the most part.

Legacy of the following advice?

The scheme presented Tuesday is part of the Downtown Revitalization and Cultural Path Sustainability Plan. It was implemented by the strategy firms Rues Principales, l’Enclume and Champ libre.

This initial plan is expected to be put to the city council for a vote at its next meeting on October 5, the last before the November 7 municipal elections. The file, as a whole, must be completed by the next Gatineau Municipal Council.

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Another aspect that will come back to future elected officials, the day after the election, is the idea of ​​a downtown coordination office.

This entity aims in particular to ensure consistency in the City’s actions. According to the second presentation made to the outgoing councilors, who met on Tuesday, more than 125 actions and measures are in progress regarding downtown development being overseen by various departments in the municipal administration.

It is never easy in the city center due to the number of actors and economic and social issues. So it is an interesting toolMaxim Bednyud Gubin argued.

The purpose of this office will also be to facilitate communications with federal partners, such as Public Services and Procurement Canada, by directing them to one main point of contact.

With information from Natalie Tremblay

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