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except. “Science is the most revolutionary activity of mankind,” says Nobel laureate Paul Nurse

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The biologist who heads the prestigious Francis Crick Institute in London, College de France, will present Friday, February 25, the first public conference “Science as Revolution” in which Science et Avenir – La Recherche is participating. According to him, Europe, better than the United States or China, is able to perpetuate a democratic society that knows how to deal with the complexity of science and technology, about which citizens must decide. the condition ? A constant and modest dialogue between scientists and politicians.

With a wide smile, he admits “Sick of the anti-fax people he dealt with across the channel, who understand nothing of science, and who talk too much about individual freedom and not enough about collective responsibility”. On the other hand, he is delighted with the idea of ​​coming to Paris at the Collège de France, to give four lectures, the first of which is titled “Science as Revolution”, on February 25, 2022. Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize recipient in 2001 for his discovery of proteins that control cell division, and will present He later taught two more specialized seminars on his favorite topic: “Understanding the Nature of Life”, returning to his primary work on the workings of the cell. The biologist, at the head of the Francis Crick Institute in London, recently published the book “What is life? Five Big Ideas in Biology” (1) which will inspire his second conference “What is Life?”, on March 11. Science and the future – research, partner at the Collège de France for these prestigious interventions, gave an interview to this warm scientist, whose specialists should talk about science in public affairs and challenge politicians whose decisions are based on pseudoscience, he said. For our weekly British colleague. new world. Recipient of the Legion of Honor, of which he did not fail to remind us, with a smirk, Sir Paul a nurse had in the past presided over the scientific boards of the Institut Curie and the Pasteur Institute, of which he is still a part. He loves France but will give his lectures in English.

“The virus lies in this intermediate region between living and non-living”

Science et Avenir – La Recherche: With the Covid-19 pandemic out or about, can you tell us if the virus is a living organism or not?

Sir Paul’s nurse. I address this question in my book What is Life? Where I outline the principles that will be applied to the pen[…]


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