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Federal elections: farmers in the region insist on access to the Internet | Canada elections 2021

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There is an urgent need to allow agricultural companies to keep pace with economic development, summarizes the Director General of the Franco-Ontario Peasants’ Union (UCFO), Danic Lafond.

In an interview with Téléjournal Ottawa-Gatineau, shows that farmers are turning more and more to innovative technologies that allow better respect for the environment in buildings and better control of animal health, for example.

These technologies need the Internet, a cellular signal so that farmers can get information on their computers or cell phones., Confirms.

He adds that the enthusiasm among the population for agri-tourism increases the need for internet access for agricultural companies that want to offer or promote online services.

He also says that better internet connectivity can encourage more farmers to adopt innovative green technologies.

In this regard, Stefan Allary, president of the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) for the Otwice and Laurentians, confirmed that his organization is calling for more federal investment in research.

Stephan El-Nari, president of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Ottawa and Laurens (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada / Hugo Belanger

If we want to help the field and reduce the use of pesticides, we often succeed in looking for different and innovative means., argues in an interview on the show in the area.

Moreover, theUPA The next government hopes to increase the budget allocated to support programs for farmers. If we compare to our American or European competitors, the budgets given are much lower.Alari says.

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on the side of theUCFOIn addition, some programs must be modified to better adapt to farmers’ needs.

We have seen some risk management programs that were so far removed from the reality of farmers’ needs that most farmers were not concerned about it.

Quote from:Danique Lafond, Director General of the Confederation of French Peasants

diagnosisUCFO It is the same for programs hosting foreign workers. These do not make it possible to respond to changes in the same growing season, Mr. Lafond explains.

In the agricultural season, there is a peak in labor requirements and this varies from one crop to another and from one company to another. It has become difficult with current software to meet the exact needs.

Moreover, theUPA He calls on the next federal government to ensure reciprocity between the standards that Canadian farmers must meet with those imposed on foreign producers who wish to export their products to Canada.

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