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New Chairman of the September Port Board of Directors

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Bernard Lynch has until recently been a member of the September Port Board of Directors since 2019, while Nancy Jordan has been since 2017.

Mr. Lynch explains taking on his new responsibilities at business continuity context.

In the short term, the urgent matter is Mgr-Blanche pavement repair. »

Quote from Bernard Lynch, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Port of September

Bernard Lynch succeeds the new September Port Chairman, Carol Susey (Archives).

Photo: Radio Canada

It’s a big project because the Mgr-Blanche pier is in a state of complete collapse. It’s a pavement made on wooden piles and it would take a lot of workThe chief said.

Mgr-Blanche station restoration […] It will be one of the priorities in order to make it more accessible and more enjoyable for residents and cruise passengersAccording to a press release issued by the port of Sept.

Last summer, the Port of Sept-Ile’s director of engineering and sustainable development, Manon D’Auteuil, announced that the Mgr-Blanche pier was the next site on the list to undergo major renovations, but no date has been announced. .

Manon d'Auteuil is on the construction site and wears a construction helmet.

Manon D’Auteuil, Director of Engineering and Sustainable Development at Sept-Ile Port (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Fontaine

Bernard Lynch confirms that the fileCanadian Port Authority From September Ellis is During the work evaluation period [de réfection du terminal] To get quotes very soon The search for funding sources.

By renovating the Mgr-Blanche dock, we want to [aussi] Improving the external appearance of all surrounding infrastructure. Whether we are talking about the port buildings or the cruise reception pavilion, it’s all in the same sectorsays the chief.

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Bernard Lynch worked as an attorney on North Shore from 1999 to 2019. For her part, Nancy Jordan has held the position of Director of Legal Services, Human Resources and Information Technology since 2009 with the Board of Innu Takuaikan Uashat Band. mak Mani-utenam (ITUM) .

These new directors are appointed for a maximum term of three years under Canada Maritime Law.

In a written statement, Bernard Lynch and Nancy Jordan together confirmed Contribution of the outgoing chairperson, Carol Susi, who will be a member of the Board of Directors for three terms totaling over 19 years.

In addition to the president and vice president, the officials on the September Port Board of Directors are Mirka Boudreaux, Serge Levesque, Jean-François Bono and Gilles Couture.

With information from Guillaume Hubermont

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