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FestiVoix of Trois-Rivières resumes its rights

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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If I were asked to qualify for this first evening of FestiVoix with no health restrictions, I would say “unreal”. We find the Trois-Rivieres Festival as we have always known it. We resume our usual way to reach the different stages as we have done for years, finding artists and festival goers as if nothing had happened. Then all of a sudden, we realized that the last time we saw him like this was in 2019!

It must be said that the artists did not hint at this much. People gathered close to each other, hardly a few people put on the mask, which is the only reminder that we were deprived of the happiness of living in this beautiful summer gathering.

Mark Deere was accompanied by bassist Valerie Saint Gillet.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jose Boures

Marc Déry had the honor of delivering the premiere of the 29th FestiVoix. The singer-songwriter, accompanied by double guitarist Valérie Saint Gillet, performed his wonderful songs in acoustic format on the intimate stage of the old prison. It was nice to hear people singing and clapping their hands to beat the time. It’s good to see you! shouted artist. It’s very mutual, Mr. Derry.

Linda LeMay first participated in FestiVoix.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jose Boures

The rural landscape of the monastery greeted Linda LeMay. It was his first appearance in FestiVoix. There were a few fewer people than usual; This scene is so common that it is not uncommon for people to have to turn them away. But the attentive audience literally drank the words of the singer-songwriter. Linda LeMay, accompanied by Claude Pinault, presented her wonderful classics, as well as many new compositions. She can easily bring tears to bursts of laughter, and it must be said that she is a bloody narrator.

FestiVoix algorithms

A bit like music platforms that offer us songs that blend together, FestiVoix dares to introduce artists from different worlds on the river’s main stage, but they strangely complement each other. This is how Lou-Adriane Cassidy found herself open to Roch Voisine. If there is one thing in common, it is the energy that the two artists unleashed.

Roch Voisine presented his Americana outdoors for the first time. The undeniable advantage was that the spectators were able to dance to the rhythm of great folk and country classics.

Festival-goers can watch shows from various stages on a giant screen.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jose Boures

The viewer steals the show

The organizers of FestiVoix have been busy for the past two years. If there is one thing that surprises us, it is the development of new spaces. The one who pleases us and allows us even to dream is the former court of Ursulines. This large courtyard behind the monastery was a place reserved for nuns. Now that Trois-Rivieres owns it, FestiVoix has managed to make it a place to relax and unwind. Huge giant screen showing live shows from different stages. This venue represents amazing hosting potential for the entire summer season, not just for the festival.

Ursulines’ former courtyard is now available to the public.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jose Boures

The sidewalk theater that offers late night shows is also a favourite. It is installed on the edge of the parking lot. This one is completely hidden by a lighted wall, which gives an incomparable look and atmosphere.

It’s a great start to our first evening at FestiVoix. The weekend is expected to be especially popular with the arrival of punk groups NOFX, Lagwagon and Face to Face. There will be a lot of people in town as the saying goes.

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