Films about Polly Noir and Diane Dufresne in preparation

Productions are currently in their embryonic stage – no one has yet been chosen to direct the films – but writing will begin soon.

with the address Do you love lifeThe feature film chronicles the life of singer-songwriter George Thurston, known for his songs. love loveAnd the Do you love life like me And the far from the city. The writing of the film will be entrusted to screenwriter and novelist Nicole Bellanger, to whom we owe in particular a screenplay. Mongolian kings, Directed by Luc Picard.

George Thurston succeeded in making a selection and his music is still known to this day. There is something timeless in his way of seeing life and living by its values , confirms Marie-Claude Pauline, who will produce the film with Luce and Lucy Rozon.

Shadows of the soul, disco and funk

Do you love life It will be inspired by the autobiography of the same name by George Thurston, written by songwriter Lambert. The book was released days before the singer, who died of colorectal cancer in 2007 at the age of 55, died.

While working on the film project, I discovered a great character.

Quote from:Marie Claude Pauline

[Georges Thurston était] A black person was attracted at that time to a rather homogeneous world, in Quebec. A period when songwriters like Claude Laville and Claude Charlebois were at the fore , explains producer Marie-Claude Paulin.

Arrived in disco style and more popular music. Over time he has tried to locate him to be a part of Gang, she adds.

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George Thurston’s widow, Lauren Cordo Thurston, will serve as an eye and outside source for Nicole Bellanger in her writing. The screenwriter is set to delve into writing the script, and production is expected to follow in early 2023.

If the game of Paul Noir has distinguished music and imagination, then Marie-Claude Pauline assures that the artist’s personal journey is itself captivating. The artist had a difficult childhood, moving from one nursing home to another. However, the feature film promises to be well balanced in sentiment.

When we watch the movie, we want people to come out dancing and singing. There will be a more joyful side to depression. We want to know the ups and downs, but it’s a movie that will make us smile more than make us cry Mrs. Boleyn argues.

Diane Dufresne, in a documentary and fiction

Last November, Christian Laroche, producer and president of Crystal Films, announced that the life of Diane Dufresne would be the subject of a feature film.

Passionate about this multifaceted artist, Christian Laroche will produce the two-hour documentary Diane Dufresne, Beauty and the Beast. The goal will be to explore the many facets of the artist, taking a look at his journey through today’s eyes.

The documentary will introduce Diane Dufresne to a younger generation who may not know her very much. It is important for me to bring my teens and young adults to discover the journey of this wonderful woman and artist. Product supports.

For the script, Laroche entrusted the commission to Daniel Morin, who was notably involved in the production of the films UndergroundAnd the imaginary lovers And the I killed my mother. Enthusiastic about this project, he has always considered himself a huge fan of Diane Dufresne. In his youth, he calmed down from songs written by Luc Plamondon for the singer I am twelve years old mom, NS Park Belmont to me There you go, I’m coming.

For me, this woman represents complete freedom.

Quote from:Daniel Moren

As the first Quebec woman to perform on the Forum stage and on the Olympic Stadium stage, Diane Dufresne is a singer who has made a mark on the Quebec art scene, according to Danielle Morin.

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She is a singer who has passed through the ages. The artist’s spectrum is very wide. We know her because of her weirdo, but she paints too ت, Confirms.

The documentary will contain archives, testimonies of the singer and meetings with her collaborators with whom she has worked all these years. Daniel Morin wants the documentary to be blown up on the figure, a bit in the style of director Richard Bottet.

We don’t want a classic documentary […] We want to play with his worlds and costumes.

Quote from:Daniel Moren

We are still at the beginning of the movie, we don’t yet know the people who will be witnessing there.

The documentary must be published on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA a few weeks before the theatrical release of the feature film, at the end of 2023.

At the same time, the script for the feature film is being written about the life of Diane Dufresne, and filming should begin in 2023, according to producer Christian Laroche. Unlike the documentary, the feature film will paint a colorful portrait of the artist, ranging from his youth to the 1980s, an era marked by a spectacle. pink magic In the Olympic Stadium and album extremely confidential.

When I was 19, I was at the show pink magic In the Olympic stadium, they crushed on the security fence in front of the stage! I found myself on the cover of La Presse the next day!Daniel Morin remembers.

Diane Dufresne and partner Richard Langevin collaborated to create the feature film as well as the documentary.

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