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Finally, the new Google Play Store web version looks like a mobile app

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Jillian Castillo
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After years with an outdated interface, the new web version is rolling out from the Google Play Store. A good welcome facelift makes using the site more enjoyable.

Google Play Store // Source: Frandroid

Release desktop The Google Play Store Updates at the end After it was tested last November with some users. finally unified version withmobile app Google Play Store, revisited in the colors of the material you.

Consistency between different Play Store platforms

For Google, this is an opportunity to unify the interfaces between the different platforms on which the Play Store is available: mobile application, Google TV, web, etc. What you find more easily between the different versions.

If there’s an app to install, that’s it // Source: Frandroid

This can be seen in the application pages: it now looks more like what we find in a mobile application. The background is white, the shape of the buttons is round and the color is slightly modified. Obviously, dark mode is not available in the new web version of the Play Store. However, there are still some opinions that have not changed, such as the library and wish list in the ” books An aesthetic overhaul that has been done (almost) everywhere, particularly in the App Library.

The redesign is also present on mobile devices: there is a bar at the bottom of the screen with different sections of the Play Store: games, applications, cinema, books and children.

Filter by device to find apps

Now when you search for an app, there is an additional filter: ” Device Allows you to filter the apps shown in search results according to the device you want to install them on. These displayed devices are the ones your Google account is connected to.

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Frandroid, a mobile app that we highly recommend, with complete objectivity // Source: Frandroid

You can also filter the search results according to what you want: apps and games “,” Movies and TV “or” books “.

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