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Fitbit reportedly works on a “luxury” fitness tracker.

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Fitbit is known for its affordable smartwatches and other fitness trackers. The brand is rumored to be working on a “luxury” model.

You definitely know Fitbit For its sport-oriented smartwatches and activity trackers on offer, it is fairly affordable. If we believe the recent rumors at the moment, the brand is working on a completely different model, A. ‘Luxury’ model more accurate. Explanation.

The Fitbit app will work on a tracker called Fibit Luxe

Fitbit is a well-known and popular activity tracker and smartwatch company. However, the company appears to be preparing something new. At least that’s what emerges from a report from stating that the brand is currently working on a new tracker called Fitbit Luxe, in other words, a “luxury” activity tracker.

“Deluxe” activity tracker, imminent release

It’s hard, at this point, to tell what fancy this tracker could be. The report claims that the device will have a stainless steel body and an OLED display, but apart from that, it is impossible to tell what other features could be considered ‘luxury’. If we are to believe the leaked offers, then the design It will still be simple and elegant, making the device the perfect outdoor accessory, for example.

Regarding the technical sheet and components of this Fibit Luxe device, it appears that the device is equipped with a GPS and a heart rate monitor and is waterproof, thus ideal for those who want to swim with it. At the moment it’s impossible to know when this Fitbit Luxe watch will be announced, but the renders above look well finished, indicating an upcoming launch.

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It will be interesting to see if this device is used The Google OS wearAs far as Google has bought Fitbit, the interface seems to hint at something else. Follow !

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