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TheThe opening number was more than ever worthy of fabulous evenings, aided by the teleprompter. We heard everything that is greater,A certain smile to me Selfie And the Louise. Then, Why did you break my heart?, Captured by Fabien Kloter, who shared the stage with Michelle Louvain on St-Tite.

“He was able to withstand all fashions and continued to do what he liked, despite the headwinds around him. As an artist, we have a great lesson to learn from all of this,” the author and comedian nicely summed up.

The show was built, among other things, from the famous guest survey, which Michel Louvain filled out. All generations together, Mary Ellen Thibert, Maxime Landry, Mary Denis Pelletier, Renee Simard, Renee Martel, Patsy Galant, France Castel chose their favorites from Aznavour, Lyrac, Streisand and their partners. Fly me to the moonAnd the I’ll make a gardenAnd the It’s Bossa Nova’s faultThey all sang to him.

Mario Belshat achieved his first success, good night my Love, 63 years after the Gala des Splendeurs in the Colosseum. Apotheosis when her great friend Shirley Terrox sang A beautiful life, From Sasha Distel’s repertoire, which she did in the duo with him.

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