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Flippin Misfits is available on Steam

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Flippin Misfits is available on Steam

Philippines misfits

It was announced on the Behavior Beyond show and got a lot of excitement, Philippines misfitsThe new entertaining brawl game from interactive behaviorNow available exclusively on Steam.

interactive behavior Continue her exploration of new genres with Philippines misfitsa game that reverses (literally!) the concept of frantic melee by offering two to four players who throw themselves the ability to Defying the laws of gravity like never before match time. The action takes place aboard Arkade, a stolen spaceship that the Flippin Misfits, a hilarious gang of hot-headed young men, have turned into their own playground. This is where epic melees unfold as the misfits use Blazarpacks to disrupt their gravity field and use all surfaces – floors, ceilings, walls – to test their combat skills and gravity transformations. This thus creates a file 360 degree kinetic brawl environment, chaotic and totally unique – the idea of ​​high and low disappears with the press of a button, players can walk on all surfaces and where attacks can come from all directions. Instant regeneration keeps players in the throes of action, and very short play times mean a player always has time for an extra round!

To add to the chaos of the game, players start each round by choosing one form from a random set of five of thirty-five movement and combat mods, creating a vortex of action in each new arena. With its fluorescent colors, graffiti and live musicartistic direction, Philippines misfits It combines sci-fi and underground club effects to create a game where unique settings and characters add a massive amount of entertainment. Players can choose from five Flippin Misfits Battle tents across six distinct arenas on and off the ship featuring lava pools, fire thrusts, mines, and more for stunning gravity-defying battles.

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I am excited to finally be able to share this unique and exciting game with the world. “,” Little Jean-Philippe Laberge, Head of Game Design Philippines misfits. “After a year of challenging and winning development, I was amazed by the quality of the team’s work and the result. I can’t wait to see the epic brawls on the 360-degree battlefields with gravity changes! »

Flippin Misfits is now available exclusively on Steam for $4.99.

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