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The Switch 4K dock will reveal itself in spite of itself

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4K dock is almost empty!

With the 12.0.0 update, Nintendo left some information about the Switch 4K dock the data device did Dome of oats Hurry to extract.

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According to the person in question, its code name will be Aula and will be assigned by the command CrdA which means Cradle (dock) Aula, “The dock itself contains a USB chip, a DP to HDMI adapter and a flash memory to store the firmware. I don’t know what update it will be Useful for looking at how fundamental it is from the inside. “

Regarding 4K monitor, a line of code was found allowing this option “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30”. According to OatmealDome, these instructions do not mean “Use 4K over USB 3.0”. But does it make sense. The DP adapter is used for video output, and there are rumors of the new adapter’s 4K output.

Anyway, if the Switch uses good DLSS, this docking technology makes perfect sense. Unlike the current Switch dock, which features a chip that delivers an increase in power and allows for 1080p displays, the Switch 4K can do without. The Switch 4K once in its dock will have enough power supply to get DLSS activated and upgrade games to 4K.

And to remember, DLSS is an bottom-up, deep learning technology. Ia starts from a lower resolution image of itself by adding the pixels needed for 4K rendering. The result is impressive, unlike the standard practiced thus far on the console, but remains visible on a 4K display. DLSS rendering doesn’t have this scaling issue, but it offers smoother graphics that also eliminate aliasing completely.

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