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Florence Longbury will play Audrey | Quebec Magazine

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In addition to co-writing the series with her partner Guillaume Lambert, actress and author Florence Longpré has inherited the lead role for the new series from Club Illico.Audrey is backWhich starts filming on April 12th.

Josée Deschênes and Denis Bouchard play my 30-year-old parents who wake up after spending 16 years in a coma.

The ten 30-minute episodes will be available on Club Illico starting this fall. The comedy-drama will tell the extraordinary fate of Audrey Baudry, who has to rehabilitate herself both physically and mentally in a world that has completely changed during her absence.

Initially, the main role was not intended for Florence Longbury. However, the creators had already worked with the series’ director, Guillaume Lonergan, on their own projects (can you hear me ? And Puberty).

“It’s not because I’m writing the series that I have to play in,” says Florence Longbury on the other end of the phone. On the contrary, it scared me a little bit, because it’s a huge challenge. I left that in the director’s hands. “

The actress had to pass the tests that Guillaume Lambert attended.

Down: “You bothered me.” “Playing in a coma, not being present,” adds Florence Longbury. “It’s very difficult.” Then you must find her body. It’s difficult to play the rehab curve, especially since we don’t turn in order. “


To play Audrey Baudry’s entourage, director Guillaume Lonergan gambled on a refreshing and frankly diverse cast made up of star actors rarely seen in lead roles on the small screen.

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We’ll see, among others, Dominique Saint Laurent as Audrey’s brother, while Zineb Blanchett, whom we discovered in forever, She will play his half-sister, born from her mother’s union with her new husband, played by Martin David Peters. Ariel Evergan will be a neuropsychologist, while Joanie Guérin and Charlie Lemay-Thivierge will dress up Audrey’s best friends at various times.

Benoît Drouin-Germain, Anglesh Major, France Parent, Elliot Miville-Deschênes, Marie-Claude St-Laurent, Markita Boies, Catherine Beaudin, Guillaume Tremblay, Félix-Antoine Bénard and Emile Boucher have been added to the credits.

“For some, this is their first big role,” Florence Longbury rejoices.

Photography in Sorel

On the other end of the line, Guilllaume Lambert is brimming with excitement when asked where the series was filmed.

“This is happening in my hometown, Sorel Tracy,” he said enthusiastically. I wanted to shoot in Sorel for a long time! It is an interesting city, both industrial and port, between two eras. It represents the real world and environment of the working class and families that have settled there from generation to generation. Florence and I want to make the real world talk. This is what unites us. “

Audrey is back It will be available at Club Illico this fall.

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