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Florida collapse: shocked after they lost their apartment

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A Quebec couple lost their Florida apartment in a 12-story building collapse on Thursday. Real Barry and his wife saw the loss of their home on TV while it was unharmed at their main residence in Saint-Lambert, Quebec.

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I opened CNN and saw the building collapse […] I had a great mix of feelings, definitely thinking about the people in the right place. I know few of them Real Barry said, “I know the staff more than the other owners.”

The owners of the apartment in the building knew that work was being done on the roof, but they did not believe it had anything to do with the collapse so far known to have killed four people (159 people missing).

“There’s a regulation out there in Florida: Buildings must be re-examined after 40 years of construction. It’s a building from 1981, we’re forty.”e Year. The building has been inspected by Miami-Dade County City Inspectors. The co-owners’ union also hired a company of engineers to build one,” confirms one of the building’s co-owners.

According to Real Barry, the inspections showed that the work had to be done, but nothing urgent. Instead, it was work that had nothing to do with the structure of the building constructed in the 1980s.

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“The city allowed us to do the work that needed to be done, like rebuilding the roof. We changed the elevators a few years ago, and the entire fire system was also redesigned. I don’t know of any major work to be done on the structure of the building, studies have shown us that the structure was Well. I can’t believe it was changing the air conditioners on the roof that caused the weight to collapse. It’s not collapsing from the roof, it’s a building, it seems to me, it’s collapsing from the base,” explains Real Barry.

An investigation is underway to find out the cause of the collapse and find survivors.

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