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Video platforms will have to fund the audiovisual sector in France

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The decree has been under negotiation for months, and is set to go into effect on July 1.

VOD will therefore have to allocate at least 20% of its turnover in France to finance the production of European cinematographic and audiovisual works or original French expression., in a press release from the Ministry of Culture.

He explained that this rate will rise to 25% for services that provide films less than 12 months old.

This latest ruling foreshadows a media chronology reform (the order in which films are released on different operating media: cinemas, DVD, television, webcasting, etc.) . release, while they currently have to wait 36 ​​months.

This change in chronology, which is currently undergoing renegotiation, is a counterpart the government has considered the obligation to invest in French productions now imposed on broadcast platforms, under a European directive.

A large part of the contribution (three-quarters in cinema, two-thirds in audiovisual) will be directed towards independent production الإنتاج, according to the Ministry of Culture, which explains the remarkable planning Diversity Terms To avoid concentration of investments On big-budget businesses or on certain types instead of others.

Upcoming British Standards

In addition, on the other side of the channel, Johnson’s government on Wednesday announced the launch of an advisory with the goal of subjecting Netflix, Amazon Prime and others to the same rules as TV channels.

In the UK, TV channels must comply with strict standards Especially with regard to public protection, Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden mentions in the Daily Gazette times. You might assume the same goes for video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime and Disney+. you would be wrongخطئ, reveal.

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TV channels are controlled by the UK regulator, andOFCOM, but not distribution platforms, which are global companies.

Although some, like Netflix, have their own measures, this type of measure is Precise and inconsistentMinister judge. Keen to bring TV channels and platforms On an equal footingAnnouncing the launch of a consultation this summer To determine if it is time to establish the same ground rules.

If successful, documentaries or news shows from streaming sites must follow the same standards of fairness and accuracy.

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