Font 5 | Enbridge wants to negotiate in good faith with Michigan

(Washington) Enbridge still wants to negotiate an agreement on Line 5, although Michigan has withdrawn from the discussions.

Alberta says all parties are obligated to negotiate in good faith to resolve this long-running dispute over this important piece of the cross-border oil supply link.

Michigan has abandoned the process, according to legal documents, saying it has “no desire” to continue mediation.

The status of these discussions remains unclear. Last month, the US judge, Janet Neff, called the mediation “a dead end.”

The row between Enbridge and Michigan began in November when Governor Gretchen Whitmer unilaterally rescinded the easement agreement that had allowed Canadian society since 1953 to use the Strait of Mackinac between Lakes Michigan and Huron.

NSI Whitmer had cited the risk of leakage in the strait to justify his decision.

Enbridge ensures that the pipeline is secure. The company has made it clear that it does not intend to voluntarily close it.

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