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Food sources to avoid getting rid of foul-smelling gases

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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There are several causes and many factors that lead to the discomfort of flatulence. Among these factors, there are of course food and certain sources more specifically that contribute to the formation of foul-smelling gases. As a priority, you should try to reduce or stop eating 5 foods if you have a tendency to flatulence:

  1. sugars

Both natural and synthetic. Some complex sugars, especially in onions and cabbage, as well as in most fruits, often cause flatulence. Artificial sugars such as soft drinks or chewing gum can boost intestinal gas production. Nitrogen present in cabbage or beans is another cause of flatulence.

  1. Dairy products.

Milk and other dairy products contain lactose, a sugar that is sometimes poorly digested and can cause bloating. If you have flatulence or bloating, try not to eat dairy products for one to two weeks to see if the situation improves. If so, you may be lactose intolerant. A disease that is easily treatable.

  1. starches;

Most starchy foods such as potatoes, wheat, or pasta can cause flatulence. The exception is rice, which should be consumed without moderation.

  1. soluble fibres.

This fiber, which is especially found in apples, beans, oranges and tangerines, is particularly difficult to digest and can lead to flatulence. Since foods rich in fiber are often excellent for health, it will be a matter of reducing their consumption and not stopping supplementation.

  1. Soft drinks.

Soft drinks such as soft drinks can cause flatulence and flatulence.

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