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cut her | Chopped into pieces or a collector’s item?

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Critics tore up the thriller cut it out from Netflix. it’s pathetic, Cheapbland, sloppy, inconsistent and (insert here a synonym for evil from bad).

Posted on June 16

Subscribers have paid with it cut it out In the first steps of the platform of the most famous Netflix series. Like anything, professional sofa fries and amateurs seldom tune their violins, even if they are very pretty, the accordion, good.

Now, who is right, and who is wrong in this venerable debate that is divided insofar as it goes back at the same time to the presentation of Maribere Maureen and Julien Lacroix simultaneously?

Being a part of both camps, I jump cut it outhis real face, in the French version – like the new Canada goose on a Frenchman from the Mont-Royal plateau. Rule? The reviews did not lie. It’s an unreasonable and disjointed suspense, a kind of suspense homeland poor. Her writing annoys me, but it’s also so cute and cute, sweetie, it’s such a shame that I like it so little.

In the middle of the eight one-hour episodes, the clue emerges like the mysterious smile of actress Toni Collette: I immersed myself in this stir soap I meander and I’ll make it to the end, at the cost of my sanity.

The first episode falters at full speed and establishes a somewhat traditional mother-daughter dynamic. Specialist speech therapist Laura Oliver (Toni Collette) lives in Belle-Isle, a resort in Georgia, in the southern United States. A failed artist, her 30-year-old daughter Andy answers the phone at a police station and still lives with her mother, who has breast cancer.

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During Andy’s birthday lunch, a shootout erupts in the restaurant, and Laura, like a high-ranking ninja, excels the shooter in an amazing way. This horrific scene includes a butcher’s knife and a stabbed hand. It’s either totally funny or totally awesome, depending on how we think.

Like us in front of the screen, Andy can’t believe it. His mother, kind and calm, cut a man’s throat without the slightest emotion and with surgical precision? Apparently Laura (Toni Collette) is hiding huge secrets and her daughter Andy is busy picking up little bits of them, as Roxanne Bruno has been singing.

Adapted from a thriller by Karen Slaughter, cut it out Then it explodes in all directions. Both road movie, a quirky family saga and semi-political spy thriller. The tone oscillates between psychodrama and somewhat presumptuous telenovela.

The most surprising thing is the sudden transformation of Andy, who goes, within 20 minutes, from an extinct 30-year-old, borderline neurasthenic, to Agent Carrie Mathison on Four Loko.

Andy steals cars, flirts in unnatural bars, deceives criminals and discovers the unseen art of wigs. What Andy searches for while on the run is his mother’s past, Laura, which seems like a mix of those of Jason Bourne and Lara Croft, but also his own, which has always been a blur.

If you’ve been consuming the Harlan Coben series on Netflix, you’ve probably already been devoured cut it out Thanks to the Netflix algorithm. It’s TV popcornWhich fills a corner of this period is less furnished than small-screen side masterpieces.

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Sauce and solidarity!

There’s only one episode left – Monday night’s grand finale – of this delicious season heads! On Radio Canada. Yes, time flies by as fast as 20 minutes during the Beef Rossini Challenge.

During the semi-final duel, we witnessed a rare culinary event in heads! An episode in which Jean-Luc Poulay doesn’t talk about sauce, or butter, or both.

Photo by Marc-Andre Lapierre, provided by Radio Canada

After he finished his dishes, Adrien helped Anthony prepare his dish.

With only 30 seconds left on the clock, Prince Adrian gave up his four bowls to help his fellow countryman Anthony, who had yet to begin dressing his plates. Without Adrian’s help, Anthony would have created a vacuum for the judges, who would have pinch their beaks more than usual. As if a lemon member.

Even more sadly, Adrian, who wound himself faster than his own shadow, propelled Anthony to the final thanks to a boost he gave him while Elise Marquez spoke in the final seconds of the competition.

Chef Colombe St-Pierre apparently praised the beauty of the gesture of Adrien, who could have let his companion drown to secure his place in the final. but not. Adrian chose Solidarity and it was so much nicer than seeing a close-up of a fishing fish.

A few days before the Grand Final, Jean-Christophe’s victory and Elliot’s resurrection shook expectations. Uh! Then no, I’m staying with the hearty chef Amin. Keep cool Archibald!

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