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For this Quebec photographer, Paris is magic

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Larry Rochefort, originally from Chicoutimi, is a videographer, photographer, and director of photography who divides his life between Quebec and Paris, where he has lived with his wife and children for six years now. A well-known freelance writer, his profession leads him to regularly collaborate with Anglo-Saxon advertising agencies. Because some things never change: it is not always easy to find English speaking professionals in France.

Larry Rochefort is used to large-scale campaigns for major advertisers, and this summer he learned that he would be taking on the role of Director of Photography for a video campaign for Qatar Airways, partner of Qatar Airways. Paris Saint-Germain, Dedicated to social networks. This series of benign Q&A clips featuring the biggest names in world football was filmed in September, and will be published throughout the season.

It may seem surreal to meet Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, but the truth is that I work and they leave as fast as they arrive., told Larry Rochefort about this experience to make soccer enthusiasts dream come true. We don’t have rehearsals with the players. On D-Day, they show up in their swimsuits, we shoot and we go on. There is a lot of pressure on everyone involved in this process.

This pressure can also be measured. No less than 29 photo sessions that brought together more than 300 photography professionals were filmed at the same time, in the Parc des Princes transformed into a huge studio for the occasion. All PSG players should prepare themselves for the practice of this media day, moving from one shot to the next in order to meet all the advertising needs of the various partners.

Interspersed with informative workshops and types of exercises where Neymar, Messi and other Sergio Ramos learn short sentences in French for ad releases, these various corrections are Wheels And it looks like it’s running an assembly line, explains Larry Rochefort.

The player is coming and I have to be ready. We only have 10 minutes with them to shoot all our content. Things go really fast, we put things in order very quickly because we don’t have time to be friends with them!

Quote from:Larry Rochefort

In this tango, the result gives a very smooth and disciplined message, which achieves its goal: to allow the patron to associate with the prestige of the most prominent players on the football planet. And if in any way a player says something controversial, he won’t Cuts!Larry Rochefort laughs.

Reverse side of the lens

However, some stars have an aura that goes beyond the athletic framework. Such is the case of Lionel Messi, who landed with great fanfare in Paris this summer. Larry Rochefort admitted that the media frenzy that followed had echoes even in the Qatar Airways campaign

When Messi signed for PSG, the whole project started to revolve around him. They have become a must for our capsules and should definitely be from the countryside. He was in all the documents, all the partners were excited about his presence… The pressure that was put on him was enormous. I don’t want to be in his place.

Larry Rochefort reveals that Messi remains a private person. a real supporter Who, without being arrogant, takes his job very seriously.

I understand fans envy my position, but we have a job to doLarry Rochefort explains. Messi always has his assistant. The communication is very cold, it is a very professional relationship. I can’t take out my phone to take a picture or request an autograph. Messi is not here to waste his time! With 29 shots a day, we can understand…

I was glad to have Messi earlier in the day, it ensures that he has more energy and desire.

Quote from:Larry Rochefort

The warmest player, in Larry Rochefort’s experience, is Kylian Mbappe. On the day of filming, the French international returned from Madrid, following a transfer offer made by Real Madrid, and then rejected by Paris Saint-Germain.

Kylian played the game and his style was even cooler. In the wake of the disappointment, he could have looked low, but he gladly gave himself up for the exerciseLarry Rochefort insists.

Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe, one of the stars of Paris Saint-Germain.

Photo: afp via getty Images / LOIC VENANCE

Being around these guys also comes with a set of rules to follow. Bodyguards, security teams, health protocols, bans on selfies, and signing non-disclosure agreements are the norm for professionals like Larry Rochefort in these days of filming. But not always.

Two weights, two scales

In all of his PSG experience, there is one element that saddens Larry Rochefort more than the others: the disparity in means between the men’s and women’s teams.

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He was assigned to another campaign for Qatar Airways, but with the Paris Saint-Germain women’s first team, which will appear on World Breast Cancer Day, Larry Rochefort has been able to notice how advertisers are spending less money on women’s sports.

A player presents her new jersey.

Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Lappe recently joined two female nationals at Paris Saint-Germain, where she has been involved for two years.

Photo: Courtesy of PSG Feminines

For the players, we were the only film crew on site, illustrator Larry Rochefort. The women’s team does not have a media day at Princes Park as the men do. We had to go to the PSG training center on the outskirts of Paris. And instead of getting to the whole team, we only had six players.

Even the salary I received was less, the whole budget is reduced with the women’s team.

Quote from:Larry Rochefort

What’s more, there was no security while filming with PSG Ladies, and no nondisclosure agreement was signed. I can take all the selfies I want with the players, but I can’t take my phone out of my pocket with Messi, reveals “Larry Rochefort”.

While sport, and European football in particular, is more than ever a big deal, math is often still on the sidelines, even when PSG has three Canadian Olympic medalists: Stephanie Lappé, Jordyn Hetema and Ashley. Lawrence. He was recently named a finalist for the 2021 Women’s Ballon d’Or.

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