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NDP wants to ease the financial burden on students | Canada elections 2021

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Speaking in front of Laurentian University, Jagmeet Singh announced various measures of his plan to help Canadian students.

First, it will cancel the interest on federal student loans. It will then give new graduates five years before they begin paying off their federal student loans after they graduate.

In addition, it will write off up to $20,000 of student debt. Eligibility for this procedure depends on the student’s income. According to the party, this proposal will eliminate 20% of all student debt during the first year of this program and provide support for 350,000 alumni.

In addition, it will double Canadian non-refundable scholarships for students.

Young people should not start their lives with a mountain of debt. Instead of helping cut costs, Justin Trudeau lets young people indulge themselves in large student debts such as mortgages. The leader said the epidemic made matters worse.

In a press release, the party said Canadian students have paid more than $4 billion in interest on their loans under the Trudeau government. He adds that more than half of the students are in debt and the average loan is about $28,000.

When big banks and corporations asked for help, Justin Trudeau sent billions of dollars unconditionally. The prime minister should fight the increase in student debt rather than take advantage of it.

Quote from:Jagmeet Singh, President of the NPD

Mr. Singh intends to fund his plan from income from his wealth tax. The New Democrats to make sure the super-rich pay their fair share to invest in students, to build a better future, It is to explain.

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Protection of French-speaking institutions

In addition, the National Party leader said he would help Laurentian University, located in Sudbury, which is bilingual. The foundation recently had to announce reductions in its French-language programs. The chief says this should have happened.

We are determined to rebuild Laurentian University side by side with the Aboriginal and Francophone communities, says the National Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Mr. Singh says he wants to protect and invest in French-speaking university programs outside Quebec. He acknowledged that access to these services is often difficult, that Canada is a bilingual country and that the situation must be addressed.

“It is necessary to emphasize how difficult it is for French speakers outside Quebec to get services in French. How difficult it is to reach a high level of education in French. That is why we will advocate for institutions such as the University of Laurentian. We will invest in these institutions,” emphasized the leader.

We have a federal mandate to protect bilingualism. We have to do it. The New Democrats will, a promise.

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