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Former Vice President Walter Mondale dies at the age of 93

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(Washington) A spokeswoman for his family told several US media on Monday that the former right-hand man of Democratic President Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, died at his home in Minneapolis at the age of 93, without specifying the cause of his death.

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Vice President from 1977 to 1981, Walter Mondale defended progressive ideas, particularly in favor of the civil rights movement.


Walter Mondale in 1984

The unhappy candidate in the 1984 presidential election against Ronald Reagan, who had widely defeated him on the ballot, was the first representative of a major party in the White House race to nominate a woman, Geraldine Ferraro, as Colst.

Former President Jimmy Carter responded in a statement: “The death of my good friend Walter Mondale, whom I consider to be the best vice president in the history of our country, has been shattered.”

“He used his political skills and integrity to transform the vice president into a vital force and driving force for public policy that did not exist before and that continues to this day,” said Mr. Mundell.

For a long time, the vice president was physically removed from the executive branch: his office was in the Senate. The turning point, in substance and form, occurred with the presidency of Jimmy Carter, who for Walter Mondale will have a truly permanent place in the prestigious “West Wing”.

Former President Barack Obama “championed progressive issues and changed the role of the vice president.”

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Walter Mondale, son of a Methodist priest and music teacher, represented Minnesota in the northern United States in the Senate for twelve years from 1964 to 1976.

The incumbent Democratic Senator from Minnesota, Amy Kloppchar, commented that he “was really dedicated to public service.”

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