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Fortnite event tonight for Season 1 of Chapter 3? – Break Flip

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There is an event in Fortnite tonight! But what exactly is it and how do you share a live? We will explain everything to you.

If you play regularly It is an electronic gameYou surely realize that Season 8 of the game is almost over! This will soon make way for Season 1 of Chapter 3, with loads of new features coming, and a major game changer.

But before that, it will be possible to participate directly in an event that will take place this evening, Saturday, December 4th. The event is called “the end”And It will start at 10 pm. It will be accessible to all players, provided that Call early enough To make sure you have a place. It is recommended Join the game mode for the event 30 minutes before the start Who is this !

Happening tonight in Fortnite?

This is amazing Saturday 4th December, there will be an event from 10 pm in Fortnite. To participate, all you have to do is Join the game mode of the event within 30 minutes of its start. If you joined too late, it is likely that you will not be able to join the event because too many players are logged in at the same time.

Once the event ends, leakers agree that a black hole may occur for two days, before the release of Chapter 3. However, this information has not been confirmed by Epic Games, so we will have to wait for the end of the event to find out more!

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