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Four medals for Canada in the World Short Track

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Courtney Sarrault was crowned deputy world champion in short track speed skating in Dordrecht on Sunday, becoming the first New Brunswick actor to achieve the feat.

The 20-year-old finished his dream weekend in second place with 58 points, beating Dutch Susan Schulting (136). Despite this result, Sarah appeared somewhat calm in a video session from her hotel room.

“I’m exhausted. I was so tense for three days, it was crazy. And when the competition was over, my body just gave up. I’m so happy, but I can’t express it because I’m so tired.”

Sarault also became the second athlete from this maritime county to sneak into the top three in the world, after Mark Lucky of Saint Jean, who finished third at the World Championships in Solihull, England, in 1989.

She said she couldn’t contain her feelings after she finished second in the 3000m Super Final, capping a crazy day in which she also took a bronze medal in the 1000m.

“I couldn’t hold back my tears after learning that I was in second place in general. I cried uncontrollably.” “It was an indescribable feeling,” she said.

In the 1,000-meter sprint, the Canadian barely climbed to the podium after stretching out her leg to beat Dutch Salma Botsma by 25 milliseconds. Sarolet, who spent most of the race in fourth place, fell on the ice after crossing the finish line.

I laughed: “I gave it my all to the end, even beyond the finish line.”

Dutch Suzanne Schulting defeated the 1000m in 1: 26.854, ahead of Belgium’s Hahn Desmitt.

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The day before, Sarah distinguished herself by climbing to the second step of the platform at an altitude of 1500 meters. So she happily harvested her four medals, although she understands that everything will have to be rebuilt in anticipation of 2022.

“I know that when I go back to Canada, I have to go back to work, because these performances were just a rehearsal before the big show; the Olympics. [de Pékin] », I remembered.

Fear for Hamlin

On the men’s side, Charles Hamlin had a slightly tougher day, having been crowned world champion in the 1500m race on Saturday.

Hamlin was especially afraid in the semifinals of the 1000 meters. While fighting for the lead with Hungarian Shaolin Sandor Liu, Hamlin mishandled the last turn and eventually had to take the fifth and final spot of his wave.

“Something strange happened when I tried to bypass the sinkhole; there was an elbow or an arm or a leg. Anyway, I hit my leg, and when I put my right skate on the ice at the next turn, I felt a spasm in my knee. Three-time Olympic gold medalist said.” I feel like I have a tingling sensation in my knee, which is usually not a good sign. “

“It’s boring, because I wanted to fight to the end, but I was scared. I had a similar problem with the same knee two years ago, so I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t. I felt it in the following races, but it wasn’t like it,” he said.

The 36-year-old recovered after a few minutes by winning his final B at the 1,000 meters distance.

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Hamlin said he wasn’t too concerned about his knee pain, but said he would meet professionals to clarify the facts upon his return to Montreal.

Positive evaluation

Skater Sainte-Julie completed the world figure skater in sixth place overall, after finishing seventh out of eight skaters in the 3000m Super Final. The result is considered satisfactory.

« [Sixième]Not what I wanted, but in the current circumstances and the year that we just knew, I think it’s very, very, very encouraging for the future. I am still back home with the title of world champion in 1500 meters. “

Hamlin and his teammates are expected to return to the ice in April to prepare for the next season, which will culminate in the Beijing Olympic Games.

Canada collected one gold, silver and bronze medal in these worlds, but powers such as China, South Korea and Japan were evident due to their absence due to travel restrictions linked to the Coronavirus epidemic.

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