Four Players Officially “Match Time Decisions” in CH

Dominique Ducharme met with the media this morning, where some of his players participated in a match morning skate Optional in Washington. Eleven players including Joel Edmondson and two goalkeepers jumped on the ice this morning at Habs: Coffield, Evans, Beckett, Peseta, Buhling, Suzuki, Tovoli, Edmondson, Nico, Norlander, Romanoff, Weidmann, Allen and Montembelt.

The Canada coach confirmed that Cedric Paquette, who has been struggling with some injuries since arriving in Montreal, has been given the go-ahead from doctors for tonight’s game. Therefore, his name should be removed from the list of injured during the afternoon.

Ducharme refused to confirm Beckett’s face caps. If the team decides to work in a traditional format 12 strikers – 6 defendersPezzetta or Paquette will be called up to play alongside Poehling and Armia, while Niku or Norlinder will be disqualified.

If Ducharme again prioritizes the idea of ​​going with 11 forwards and seven defenders, Paquette and Peseta will be left out, while Nico And Norlander will be used as the sixth and seventh defender.

In short, the Canadian lineup will have this research There in front of the (strong) band in Ovechkin, with the possibility of playing Norlinder And Nico sits Peseta And packet:

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Tovoli – Suzuki – Coffield
Darwin – Dvorak – Anderson
Likonen – Evans – Gallagher
Pezzetta or Paquette – Poehling – Army

Chiaroot – Petri
Norlander or Nico – Savard
Romanov – Weidmann


The Canadians coach will confirm his training a few minutes before the start of the game. #GameTimeDecisions

Few clues? Norlander and Pezzetta made additions at the end of training, unlike Paquette and Nico…

Note that I’m not a fan of these playtime decisions, especially when it comes to the health of the players involved. And no, I’m not one of those people who thinks it’ll bother the Capitals in their pre-match preparation…

The good news, if there is one, is that Dvorak, Petri, Suzuki, Gallagher, Darwin, Evans, and the others aren’t. Game time decisions, With them.

Re-Call : Capitals will be a big challenge tonight for CH. We will fight a battle between David and Goliath…

Can David hope to defeat Goliath this time? Can you achieve success away from the Bell Center?

Note that Dominique Ducharme has affirmed his love for Romanov’s game since he visited the catwalk…because it’s more predictable. For a defender, this is a good thing, unlike a striker …

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a lot of

Simon Gagné also had a tough starting time after his team’s defeat in the Stanley Cup Final. It took him twenty matches. Good news: The Canadian will play his 21st game of the season against the capitals tonight.

No, the Canadian isn’t going to face a stalk of celery tonight in Washington.

– Stricter protocol for the All-Star Game in Vegas .. Participation in the Olympic Games in danger?

family comes first!

– Match to watch tonight.

– Adonis was looking for Jean Charles last night …

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