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The new Facebook Messenger app for Windows 11 is faster and more beautiful

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Meta seems to be very active. After optimizing some features of WhatsApp, now switch to the Facebook Messenger app for Windows. Thus, the new version for Windows 10 and Windows 11 benefits from an important update based on the open source React Native framework.

Rewriting the application and moving away from the previously used electron leads to a significant increase in performance. In addition, there are also bug fixes and improvements, as well as important interface changes.

Facebook Messenger is prettier on Windows 11

The Messenger update coming in version 1320.11.119.0 brings a new look. The app has gone from using its own custom controls to using the original UWP (Universal Windows Platform) versions. The change means that the app achieves greater integration with the overall appearance of the apps and Windows itself.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of this update is the improved performance. Not only has Facebook been able to reduce the size of Messenger by 100MB, but there is also an increase in speed thanks to a rewriting of the code.

Switching to React Native greatly improved the application’s use of system resources, which in turn helped speed up performance. So if you have already registered to participate in the beta program, all you have to do is upgrade to the latest version. You will then discover the improvements.

In fact, you can learn more about the beta version of Messenger on the Microsoft Store.

More than just a pretty interface, there’s more to performance

After using it, we realized that with this update, Facebook is now giving people exactly what they want. While many users have complained about performance, there is now reduced resource usage and the application size is getting smaller.

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While there is something to be said for apps with a unique look and feel, users tend to feel more comfortable with familiarity. look and feel. This meant that the app’s custom and animated controls, which were unusual, were only a sticking point.

By adopting native UWP controls, Messenger is now more similar to other apps and therefore easier to use. Although the messaging app is not the most complex or confusing type of application available, it is important to remember that programmers must deal with the lowest common denominator.

By getting rid of custom controls, the potential for confusion has been reduced and this is a win for all users.

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