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France in turmoil after legislative elections

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(Paris) Emmanuel Macron will try to regain control by inviting successively to the Elysee Palace on Tuesday and Wednesday representatives of the political forces present in the new assembly, where the absence of an absolute majority threatens to make the country ungovernable.

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Gael Geoffroy
France media agency

Resté silencieux depuis l’annonce des résultats des législatives, le chef de l’État a proposé de « dialoguer et échanger pour l’intérêt supérieur de la Nation » avec ces responsables politiques afin de « » bâtir des França solutions his entourage.

Six of them will be received in a row on Tuesday at the Elysee: Christian Jacob (LR), Olivier Faure (PS), François Bayrou (Modem), Stanilas Guerini (LREM), Marine Le Pen (RN) and Fabien Roussel (PCF), before the others on Wednesday .

The Minister for European Affairs, Clément Bonn, explained at the LCI that Emmanuel Macron “took this initiative as a guarantor of institutions and their functioning, and not of their dysfunction and obstruction”.

As the biggest loser in the elections, the head of state must quickly learn the lessons of the elections before falling into a tunnel of international commitments (European Council, G7, NATO summit) from Thursday. He discussed the strategy to be adopted on Monday over lunch with Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne and the content of a squad! and Edward Philippe and Francois Bayrou.

The Cabinet meeting scheduled for Tuesday has been postponed, as has the launch of the National Re-establishment Council on Wednesday, an instrument of the “new method” of deliberation called for by the president.

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A cabinet reshuffle is inevitable to replace the three ministers who were battered on Sunday: Amelie de Montchalin for environmental transformation, Brigitte Bourguignon for health and Justine Benin for the sea.

‘obstruction of reforms’

Just two months after his re-election, the head of state is already up against the wall: should he keep Elizabeth Bourne after a few weeks in Matignon? And how can he politically redirect the government to try to achieve an absolute majority in the parliament?

“What I’m afraid of is that the country is under siege,” government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire admitted. “It will take imagination, daring and openness,” she said, emphasizing the idea of ​​extending a hand to “all those who want to move the country forward.”

But this call for a “majority of action”, made by Elizabeth Bourne on Sunday night, was flatly rejected by the opposition, with the exception of a few elected officials from the right or the center-left. On Monday, Acting RN President Jordan Bardella estimated that MI Burnie had to “give up his apron”.

Rebel Adrian Kwatenins also called on the prime minister to “go” because “she is not in a position to rule the country after she suffered such a defeat at the polls.”

With 245 deputies, the owners of the big guilds are together! A far cry from an absolute majority, with 289 seats selected out of 577.

They are ahead of the Nupes, which will have at least 150 representatives in the bloody constituency, according to an updated AFP count that includes MPs from abroad, but without prejudging the selection of socialist dissidents and many elected left.

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Then comes the National Assembly, which achieved a historic leap (89 seats), then the Republicans, with an abstention of 53.79%.

For LR Christian Jacob, “there is no room for any agreement, coalition or agreement of any kind” with Macron. But Catherine Vautrin, the former LR president of Grand Reims who has approached Matignon, called in an interview with Liberation newspaper for the right to assume its “responsibilities” around a programmatic and governmental agreement with Macron’s camp.

For its part, Marine Le Pen warned that she would implement “obstruction of all reforms.” […] Retirement is harmful first and foremost at age 65.”

Differences in Nupes

In the meantime, the Left Alliance will have to organize itself in the Council. But the first divisions emerged on Monday with the Socialist Party, EELV and the French Communist Party rejecting Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s proposal to form a single group.

The left is the plural […] “Wanting to remove this diversity is wrong and I am against it,” said Socialist MP Valerie Rabo.

A little earlier, Jean-Luc Melenchon had expressed his fear that the status of the first opposition to Emmanuel Macron might be called into question by the dispersal of forces, which would allow the RN to take its place.

Believing that the far-right party is the second most powerful party, Marine Le Pen demanded that the presidency of the association’s finance committee, with expanded powers, be returned to one of its deputies.

A few hours after their election, the first deputies entered the assembly on Monday. With passion for those who are new. “I was very impressed,” admitted Charles Rodwell, Evelyn’s 25-year-old deputy. Everyone expects hectic sessions. Insoumise Clémentine Autain warned against “relying on us to be abusive”.

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