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Francophonie is at a disadvantage in Canada, according to an immigration firm Sew areas News | the sun

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On Thursday noon, MDC owner and president David Allon offered his “sincere apology” to French speakers across the country. In a letter written in English, David Allon stated that he himself was a “proud French Canadian citizen” and was “personally insulted when this was revealed.”

“One of our letters elicited several responses: exasperation, anger, and disappointment. We all share these feelings,” Mr. Alon wrote. This specific post was written by an external freelance (editor). We usually have a strict editing process, but at the time of publication in February, Our internal editor has been taken to the hospital and this post was not properly reviewed. As a company, we do not share this person’s point of view.

MDC stated that it is a multicultural company that “celebrates diversity and is committed to promoting inclusivity”.

The MDC Leader says: “Through this article, we realize that we have failed different societies and cultures, even if it is the opposite of our mission statement as a company and we are still learning to do better every day. Restoring your confidence. We are committed to our customers and employees to ensure that it does not happen again. Other “.

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