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Women Conquer Space

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Astronomers, astrophysicists, engineers … there are a lot of them and we don’t know them very well. These environments are those in which it is still difficult to find a place, however, without them, it would be difficult to imagine space travel, the first lunar missions in the past, or today, a robot on Mars.

Isabelle Bourgogne raises a little veil on these mysterious figures, in the company of:

Could a woman like Farah Ali Bey be a role model for young women interested in science? And what about Jennifer Sady GibbonsA mechanical engineer who’s being recruited as a future astronaut by the Canadian Space Agency? Or, to go back not far in the past, these American engineers and athletes in the 1960s were referred to as “ Human Calculators » It is made possible The first lunar missions?

Moreover, we cannot talk about this topic without talking about the difficulties that women face. Prejudices and stereotypes. And maybe some gaps in teaching? They have less access to mentoring, and fewer role models. There are also unconscious biases and gendered language. Systemic barriers, difficulties in reconciling work and family. And even men’s ignorance of women’s bodies: Do you know the story of astronaut Sally Ride?

Marks in numbers: Only 30% of engineers are women. A recent report from the Women in Science and Engineering Chair showed that in terms of women’s enrollment in science in college and university between 2005 and 2020, it improved but remains low in engineering – particularly in electronics and computer science (7%) and mechanical and industrial engineering (11%). %) And aviation (13%).

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Photo: Farah’s Alipay Facebook account. The day the perseverance probe arrives on Mars.

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