Francophonie’s economic priorities

Political parties should take care of Francophone economic issues as local elections approach, according to FGA (Federation of Francophone Businessmen of Ontario).

The FGA recommends actions to strengthen the next generation of French-speaking people in businesses, particularly in the agricultural sector. Actually, 6 out of 10 Francophone SMEs are run by people 50 years of age or older. However, the group of potential French-speaking buyers is much smaller than the group of English-speaking buyers.

“It is critical to put in place measures that take these facts into account and allow the sustainability of our French-Ontario businesses when their owners retire,” explains FGA President, Dominic Mailloux.

FGA, Business Federation of Ontario
FGA logo.

international trade

The Chambers of Commerce Association also insists on this me’Integrate newcomer professionals to make up for skilled labor shortages, and support women entrepreneurship.

Dominic Maalox, Canadian club
Dominic Maalox.

Support for Ontario’s export and international vision has also been identified as a priority by the FGA. We propose here to promote the province as a “commercial bridgehead”, particularly with regard to Francophone entrepreneurs, to develop business with all of Canada, but also with the United States.

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