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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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We need to talk about the academy. We do not have “Star Academy”. But the French Academy, which is often mocked for its old, dusty and outdated veins.

This week, the Immortals team released a report sounding the alarm about the dangers of the Franglais. And you know what? We in Quebec are all concerned about what is happening in France.

Academy words

I have spoken to you a lot about this appalling Anglicanism that is spreading in France, in the media, and in the streets. But the examples given by the French Academy are more ridiculous than what I have seen so far.

Air France talking about the “skyteam”, the postal service talking about “Pickup station”, the Fnac chain of stores offering its “French Days”. The SNCF railway company with the slogan: “So, are you ready for Ouigo?”.

Do you know the beautiful Sarthe district in the Pays de la Loire? Its motto to attract entrepreneurs is simply: “Sarthe me up”.

We understand the Rolling Stones song nod, but what does this logo have to do with this area featuring the culinary specialties of Rilets of Man, Ice Cream of Birch, Chicken of Lowe’s, Caboose or Chicken from Maine, Sarthois pot, chicken soup, Mille, Golden, Sarthois pommeau, bowen and apple pie?

In a 30-page report, the Académie Française is concerned about this aversion of French within “institutions, regional entities, universities, museums, corporations, and corporations, whether public or private”.

Do you know what the new Peugeot 208 logo is? Unload the future. Misery is not French, it is not English, it is a nonsense invented by advertisers!

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When a city like Lyon bears the motto “Only Lyon”, when a request to visit Loire’s castles is called “My Loire Valley”, it means that Molière’s language is dangerously mixed with Shakespeare’s and that he is no longer like anyone’s language.

In 2020, in France, the Center for Research for the Study and Monitoring of Living Conditions published a survey stating that “47% of French say they are bothered or hostile to advertising messages containing English words.”

When will a similar survey be conducted in Quebec?

AS-TU «Pulls»?

I have a suggestion for the French academics. Let them listen to the new capsules that Radio Canada has to offer on icitou.tv.

Lex and Wasiu are back with a new series of interviews and funny capsules inspired by the urban and multicultural environment in which they grew up. These two characters, who define themselves as “men without children” and advocate “let children be children”, try to imagine the future in a hi.la.ran.tes capsule. Lex envisions that in the year 2056, we will be given a fertility bonus. Wassio replies, “They will pressure us not to do this pull out ? me brotherI can not pull out. I don’t have hips to not pull out. »

me brotheracademics will understand “that slate”.

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