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Free skiing | Kingsbury wins second gold medal to celebrate comeback

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Mikael Kingsbury added an impressive feat to his illustrious record on Friday at the World Cup in Deer Valley, Utah. The freestyle skater clinched a second gold medal in several days defeating Australian Matt Graham in the Parallel Super Final, marking his return to competition.


The king of the Mongols completed his return in the most beautiful way possible, and he who suffered a fracture of two vertebrae during training, at the end of November. Despite being his first two World Cups, Kingsbury is the number one contender with two wins this season.

“My focus was mostly on the bachelors on my return. The duel was dessert. I was more.” Hit That I’ve been fighting my whole career. “I used all the remaining energy in my body to achieve victory,” he said on a conference call.

It wasn’t an easy day for the reigning Olympic champion, who was totally exhausted after the competition. The event began with a victory over Britain’s Thomas Gerkin Scofield, the same opponent who defeated him in the final of his last ring appearances, in March 2020.

Three times instead of one, Kingsbury was outnumbered by his opponents, but he managed to gain the scoring advantage by being technically superior. After beating American Bradley Wilson and Sweden’s Oscar Elovson, the athlete from Dox Montanes signed a hard-hitting win over Benjamin Cavett in the semi-finals, just one point ahead of the Frenchman.

Mikael Kingsbury concluded himself for the final round and left no doubt in the Grand Final to score 65H The victory of his career.

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“I think I had the hardest table. It started really strong. At the same time, if you want to win, you have to pass the best. In the final, I got tired of hitting 0.2 seconds at the finish line, so I gave more juice to make sure I got off.” First. ”

I have a winner head. When I’m in the main part, I always believe in my chances, against anyone and on any tour.

Mikael Kingsbury

For his part, Gabriel Dufresne ranked 12thHAt the same time, the best result of his career tied at parallel poles. He was unbalanced several times in his relegation from the Round of 16, giving preference to Swedish Ludwig Wallstrom.

Kerrian Chunlaud a fini 20H, While Elliott Villancourt finished 32H Place, both stops on round 32.

Costly error of Justin Dufour-La Pointe

Photo of Rick Boomer, Help Press

Justin Dufour La Pointe

On the women’s front, Justin Dufour La Pointe and Valerie Gilbert participated on Friday. ChloĆ© Dufour-Lapointe started the concussion protocol after falling during a Thursday race when her head collided with a bump on the streak. So she was unable to set off during duels.

Justin Dufour La Pointe was the only one to reach the knockout stage, but on this round her journey was interrupted and she captured 13H Rank. Facing the Kazakh Yulia Galisheva, Montrealer made a mistake at the start of her descent, then walked off her streak after the first jump, something that only hardly happened to her.

“The course was not really easy, I tried to fight all day and gave everything, because anything could happen. We didn’t really know what to expect today, it was more like a bingo game! One of them was going to fall and the other would stand, and it was he who would stand the longest.”

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Weather conditions made it even more challenging for athletes with reduced visibility in the snow, adding a major challenge to the more demanding track like Deer Valley.

“It was chaos on the slopes today and the course didn’t allow you to accelerate. If you tried to go faster, you would be kicked out. You had to be conservative, and you didn’t want to be in a normal duel,” and they are all very happy to be in a state. Good for worlds, she said, “This is the silver lining.”

Valerie Gilbert, who had put 15H In the previous day’s singles, round 32 was suspended against Britain’s Makayla Gerkin Scofield at 26H Leadership.

The Americans passed the podium, led by young Kay Owens, 16. Hannah Soir and Tess Johnson won silver and bronze, respectively.

The Canadian team will return to the country for a period of quarantine, and then train for the World Championships, which will be held from March 8 to 11 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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