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Freezing rain: canceled Guignolée for Dr. Julien in Quebec

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Due to the anticipated dangerous weather conditions and for everyone’s safety, the drive for the Children’s Social Center of Quebec, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday 11 December at about twenty intersections, has unfortunately been cancelled.-Can we read the press release.

This ad represents $50,000 that we won’t be able to raise on the streets. $50,000 to be used to provide care and services to children who need them mostOrganization adds.

« It is a disastrous situation for an organization that is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic. This amount represents the support of one hundred children. »

Quote from Press release from the Quebec Children’s Social Center

Because of this cancellation, the organization is asking citizens to donate online.

The event was held in Levis

However, volunteers will be on the ground in Levis to collect donations for the benefit of the children.

For now, everything is preservedMaud Julian, MD, executive director and nurse practitioner at Levis Pediatric Social Center.

In Quebec, volunteers collect donations for Guignolée du Dr Julien (Archives).

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-Antoine Lavoie

This is good news, given that 2021 has been a tough year for families. All needs are compounded. What we had before in a small amount, now we have it for all our familiesMs. Julian explains.

The learning, socialization, and mental health of many children have been affected in the past year. needs Really double[s] through our families, as you say.

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Freezing wind and rain

Freezing wind and rain warnings are in effect for the Greater Quebec City area on Saturday.

Freezing rain is expected Saturday afternoon and tonight. Ice amounts will be in the range of 2 to 5 millimeters, locally up to 10 millimetersEnvironment Canada said.

Surfaces, such as roads, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, can become icy and slippery. Adapt your driving to changing road conditionsMeteorologists warned.

The wind is southwesterly, with a maximum speed of 100 km / h this evening and during the night. Its intensity will decrease early Sunday morning.

Quebec City want Take back control of the sidewalks

Quebec City announced Friday that it will ban street parking during this weekend’s blizzard, not to remove snow from the road, but to preserve sidewalks.

The municipality wants to test a new, more flexible technique for upstream de-icing to prevent ice build-up on sidewalks.

The ban on street parking will be in effect from Saturday evening or Sunday evening, depending on the development of precipitation.

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