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The indomitable Hubert Lenoir wrapped up the final night of the event, after Louis-Jean Cormier and Le-Adrien Cassidy had the crowd as well.

The Quebec project group Redneck Bluegrass was the last to perform as part of Avant-Noce.

Photo: Radio Canada

The organization is proud of the response given by the public. According to the festival’s general manager, Fred Boleyn, the historic location of La Pulperie made the event magical.

Something happened in the Pulperie. I think we made memories for a lot of people. There are many people from abroad who come here and discover this place. »

Quote from Fred Boleyn, General Director of La Nous Festival

Although the production team is proud of this fifth edition, they intend to conduct an evaluation to determine aspects that should be improved, including the number of franchises serving food and alcohol.

The site is really fun. We don’t have aspirations of wanting to have huge crowds. We want to do that here for a few more years. The seal is what makes the difference. If we did it somewhere else, I don’t think we’d feel the sameThe festival general manager concludes.

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