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From a fun night out to to online gaming: How casinos have evolved through time

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Online casinos have been a big part of the entertainment world for many years at this point. Older generations might still remember when there was no such thing as online casinos, only live, actual casinos. However, since then, the gambling industry has come a long way and evolved much more than we could have imagined. Come along as we dive deep into the history and transformation of casinos down below.

From gambling venues to online casinos

The very first casino opened its doors in 1638 in Venice. Since then, the idea of a place to gamble and have fun spread to other parts of the world. Before we even stopped to realize it, multiple other casinos had been built, opened and enjoyed in every corner of the planet.

Fast forward to 2020: Recent statistics counted just under five thousand casinos across the globe, proving that the desire to play casino games and gamble has truly exploded. To some, however, this number might seem surprisingly low.

So why aren’t there as many casinos as there could be? Probably because once technology started to evolve and we got familiar with the Internet back in 1983, the already popular casino games slowly but surely became phenomenons in online spaces as well.

All of a sudden, you were able to visit an overwhelming amount of online casino sites to play the colorful, fun games. Furthermore, online guides to the best casino sites – such as – also quickly started appearing, making navigating the growing market way easier.

Even though online casinos have gained massive popularity, this doesn’t mean that casino venues are completely outdated. Especially since we started to gain back some sense of control over the pandemic, more entertainment venues have reopened. So, if you ever feel like visiting a casino venue again, you are now once again free to do so.

The more the merrier

Casinos evolving from actual venues to mainly being online has helped a lot of people gain better access to the games. By exposing people to casino games online, they have become accessible to much wider masses than before.

There are many ways in which technology has changed casinos. But is it for the better? Well, some might think so, and others think otherwise. No matter your stance, it certainly has brought more awareness to the fun, fast paced games.

Because more people have joined in on the gambling fun, it has also led to more and bigger winnings. Since more people are playing the games, it makes sense that the chances of winning have also increased.

Technology has made room for entertainment on another level by wowing us with beautiful colors and creative versions of the games that we know from way back. A lot can be said about technology, but it has definitely helped the gaming experience evolve.

The desire to play these games is bigger than ever. So, in many ways, it can be argued that technology has been the much needed stepping stone for casinos to truly blossom into their full potential.

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Every day, more people join the online communities of casinos. One can only wonder how – or even if – casinos would have evolved into something bigger if technology hadn’t existed.

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