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Fudge: The first dance festival dedicated to young people

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Young people are on the move, it is important for young people, mobility. I think it should be a part of their lives, not just for expression, but for healthSays Francine Chateauvert, general manager of the Sarsut Dance Troupe and instigator of the event, who has been developing this project since 1996.

It is, according to its founder, the first event in North America to be devoted exclusively to dance for a young audience. The presented choreographic works will be modern and bold.

You will explode in motion! At the creative level we offer different things, different proposals. To my delight, for six days, this happens all over town, too. […] We want to offer the best! We want to deliver integrity and authenticity in the worksays Francine Chateaufer.

Francine Chateauvert

Photo: Photo: Francois LaFrance

comprehensive program

Dance workshops will be offered. Improvisations, a selection of short films about dance at the Maison du Cinéma and two outdoor performances are also on the menu. NGC 25 will open the ball with Welcome, a French-Palestinian co-production that was shown at the University of Sherbrooke Cultural Center on the opening night of the festival, June 6. Choreographer, Hervé Magritte, will make his North American debut. It invites young people and families to discover contemporary dance as a family. Come and travel with us through music and dance. It seems to me today that it is important to be togetherAnd add those who said he was honored to participate Candy.

We are in a highly interconnected world, but we have a very virtual connection at the end. And dancing brings a real connection with the body, emotions and sensations. And I, that’s also what I love, it’s fiction. And imagination, the Internet can not control it! »

Quote from Hervé Magritte, Choreographer for NGC 25

When dance meets contemporary dance

the offer dawn It will be presented several times during the event. The audience will be able to discover a dance signature that blends Quebec dance and contemporary dance.

It really is a one-of-a-kind signature! I’ve been treated to traditional Quebec dance, it’s so rich, the vocabulary and the music too, it’s crazy. I had a big fan, but I was doing contemporary dance on the side. […] Why don’t you come over and create something completely newexplains Frédérique-Annie Robitaille, choreographer and co-director of Zeugma Danse

Leaving after 35 years

Francine Chateaufer bows out at the end of June, after 35 years at the helm of her dance company Sarsut. You will leave for the well-deserved retirement, having created many shows for young people. She wishes to pass on this nourishing passion for choreographic research to a young audience. There is an open road. […] I think I leave the mark of a personal and original approachThe choreographer concludes.

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