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Games | Video Games – Mario Golf, Super Rush: “Plumber on the Lawn”

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Over the course of his career, Mario Bros. has been crowned champion in just about every sport. His best performances were achieved on a locked kart, during frantic races like Unleashed. However, to ask himself from time to time, a plumber likes to indulge in the company of his friends in tennis or golf, so, as with the Super Rush flipping over on the Switch, with the constant intent of making us spend the summer on the green.

This new authorship focuses on accessibility without neglecting the technical aspect. The blow is done in two stages to measure the force. Then the ball can be activated by guiding the stick. Simple, but effective, especially since it is necessary to manage the accuracy and unevenness of the tracks. It is also possible to play with the motion controls as the Joy-con replaces the club. However, there is a less accurate but more lively option, especially during games with several people.

Variety of decorations

To start, adventure mode allows you to control the Mii and gain experience by completing various challenges for a good ten hours. The ride lacks a bit of crazy but the difficulty is nice and present in some ways. In a forest, desert, amid cliffs, or in a small area of ​​Erascot…the obstacles are numerous. Also commend a variety of decorations. It is a pity that, from a technical point of view, the result does not reach new heights. It is clean but all lacks personality.

In addition to the classic competitions, the developers have included modes designed to be played in multiplayer, where the name Super Rush takes on its full meaning. So, Speed ​​Golf consists of racing against your opponents, using the special strikes of your character but also using objects scattered on the ground. The alternative, Golf Melée is played with only three strokes. It’s enough to heighten interest and make a touch of madness to a title that remains interesting, if it fails to be a must.

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