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General Jonathan Vance pleads guilty to obstruction of justice

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According to CBC News, it was Jonathan Vance’s attorney who briefed the court on his client’s plea during a video session that the senior officer did not attend.

In a statement, General Vance apologized to his wife and family, thanking them for their support, and demanded that he take full responsibility for this matter.

For his part, Ontario District Court Judge Robert Waden, granted a conditional release accompanied by a 12-month probationary period during which the retired officer must have no contact under any pretext with the victim in this case.

It is a serious crime. Seeing a leader of your stature behaving in this way has an impact on the entire Canadian community. »

Quote from Robert Waden, Ontario District Court Judge

The judge explained that this was not necessary to overwhelm Accused of a criminal conviction to the extent that the latter can Continue to make other contributions to the community. Judge then directed Jonathan Vance to report to the probation officer today for the purpose of performing community service.

A partner at the firm of criminal attorney May Rodney Sellar, who is defending Jonathan Vance, has requested that the case be adjourned until October 15.

It is not my role to comment on a criminal case like this, but my role is to build an institution where everyone can work without discrimination and with respect and protection every day. »

Quote from Anita Anand, Minister of Defense

It was the Canadian Forces National Investigation Agency that brought this charge of obstruction of justice against the retired general in July 2021.

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The alleged crime allegedly occurred during an investigation launched by CFNIS in February 2021, after the former Canadian defense chief was subjected to allegations of misconduct of a sexual nature.

According to documents filed in the Ontario Supreme Court, General Vance She deliberately attempted to pervert the course of justice in a legal proceeding by repeatedly contacting Ms. K.B. over the phone and trying to persuade her to make false statements about their past relationship with the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

kilobytes It refers to the initials of Major Kelly Brennan, the staff officer at Army Headquarters, who told a House of Commons committee in April 2021 that she and Jonathan Vance had enjoyed an intimate relationship. Ms. Brennan also claimed that he was the father of two of her eight children.

This investigation began after the publication of a report alleging Jonathan Vance’s alleged inappropriate behavior against his subordinates.

The former chief of staff has long denied the allegations.

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service is a specialized unit of the Canadian Forces Military Police Group. Its main task is to investigate cases of a serious and sensitive nature.

Headquarters crisis

The shift in General Vance’s investigation comes amid a crisis for Canadian Forces, which has seen several of its top commanders face allegations of sexual misconduct in recent months.

In February 2021, three weeks after opening an investigation into the allegations against Jonathan Vance, it was revealed that Admiral Art MacDonald was also the subject of a similar investigation. The admiral, who succeeded General Vance as head of the armed forces, voluntarily retired from his duties while the investigation took its course.

In March, an investigation was launched into allegations of inappropriate behavior with female subordinates by Vice Admiral Hayden Edmondson, responsible for human resources in the Canadian Armed Forces.

In May, another military investigation was opened into an allegation of sexual misconduct, this time against Major General Danny Fortin. The latter, who had been in charge of the nationwide vaccination campaign, left his position at the Public Health Agency.

Major General Danny Fortin’s file is now in Quebec, in the hands of the Director of Criminal and Criminal Prosecutions (DPCP).

Faced with such allegations and successive investigations within the General Staff, Justin Trudeau’s liberal government in April 2021 entrusted former Supreme Court Justice Louise Arbor with the task of conducting an independent examination. The military has dealt with sexual assault, harassment, and other misconduct.

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