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Generosity is good for others and for the soul

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Maria Gill
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One of the most relevant topics in these times of the pandemic, as people in many countries this year have begun to donate their time as volunteers or to help local organizations financially.

One in two Quebecers has supported a charitable organization since last January. Some get involved more than others – or rather, some, because it’s often women, and so are the elderly.

In fact, the more we give, the more we want, because it makes us happy. Psychologists have already proven it, and brain imaging confirmed it: Generosity activates two areas of the brain related to pleasure and reward.

Isabelle Bourgogne talks about generosity and this time from the pestilence that also comes in search of our best, with:

  • Martin Pelletier, Associate Professor in the Department of Communications at the University of Sherbrooke. Interested in the influence of the media, fundraising campaigns and generosity during the holiday season;
  • Julie FortierProfessor in the Department of Leisure Studies, Culture and Tourism at the University of Quebec at Trois-Riviere. Co-director of Entertainment and Community Life Lab.

The needs are greater than ever before with the health crisis and the economic problems it causes. Are Quebec residents there? Was their commitment different this year: donations of money, food and time?

More than one in three Quebecers (38%) volunteered in 2017, according to Quebec Volunteer Work Network. At the start of the pandemic, the “I volunteer” call strongly mobilized citizens. Do we still see it on Earth at the end of the year? Is it still true that more women are participating? And that the place of youth is increasing?

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However, the needs are very great. How do you motivate giving and volunteer work? The holiday season is clearly an opportunity: is it having a tangible effect on the rest of the year?

In addition to helping the most disadvantaged groups, at the municipal level, volunteer work by citizens is also an essential resource for the vitality of cities.

What lessons can we learn from the epidemic?


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