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Apple publishes its Buyers’ Fixability Index in France

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French consumers wanting to buy an iPhone or Mac can now refer to the fixability index for each product.

according to McGeneration (Across 9to5MacThe report appeared this week (February 25). It is intended to help buyers determine how easy it is to repair an item they wish to purchase.

Based on regulations laid down by the Minister of Environmental Transport, the index examines whether the elements meet certain preconditions. This includes whether documentation regarding repair, use, and disassembly is available, whether and how much spare parts are available for purchase, and whether software updates or remote technical support are a problem.

This information is needed as part of France’s campaign against additional waste from old electronic devices. Law No. 105 of 2020In a circular economy and waste control, it aims to reduce waste and reuse as many resources as possible.

How have Apple’s largest products performed? The new MacBook Air M1 is rated 6.5 / 10. The iPhone 12 mini is rated 6/10. The MacBook Pro M1 scored 5.6 / 10, while the iPhone 11 scored 4.6 / 10. These scores are very low, but it appears that some of the new products from the company have been performing a little better on their own.

These results are likely related to the fact that it is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to repair iOS devices on your own. This is especially true of some older Apple products.

IOS device repair has always been a hot topic. It wasn’t until 2019 that Apple decided to relax some of its rules for repairing certain iPhones. Apple launched a separate repair program that has grown significantly since then. It was extended in 2020 to include repairs for Macs as well as iPhones.

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Apple has not indicated its intention to adopt a similar indicator for customers outside of France.

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