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Genshin Impact Dori Character Show Wise Dealer

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HoYoVerse continues to feature new characters added to Jinshin effect, like Dori, the most resourceful Sumeru dealer. Unpredictable and hard to spot, she has ways of giving you everything you need – and things you didn’t know you needed.

A new character demo video from Friday also highlights the character’s electric prowess in combat.

The Jinshin effect Dori’s character demo reveals her as an Electro-element Claymore user. She will be the third after Razor and Beidou. However, she uses clay differently than her peers, leaving her boyfriend Jenny to do most of the swing. My role is voiced in English by Anjali Kunapaneni. She also voiced Kiriko in Twenty-fourth pavilion in Tokyo Foucault’s Demon Slayer. In Japanese, she was voiced by Tomoko Kaneda, who played Shirethi in it Kingdom Hearts 3 and Chiyo from Azumanga Daewoo.

A blog on HoYoLab has posted more details on Dory’s talents and capabilities. Unlike other Electro Claymore characters, Dori is calibrated as a Jinshin effect support unit. His abilities are designed to help his teammates restore health, replenish energy, and deal damage to nearby enemies. His primary skill, Soul Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon will fire a projectile that does electrical damage to the enemy. The projectile also produces two “Service” type projectiles to deliver a follow-up hit. The Elemental Burst league explodes, Alcazarazay’s accuracy summons her companion Jinni, and sets her magic lamp as a steady beacon. The tag connects to the active character on a line. The line will permanently restore HP and regenerate energy. All enemies crossing the line suffer electrical damage.

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Jinshin effect Dori will add a new summon banner that includes Kokomi and Ganyu in the final part of Update 3.0. The current summon banner features Dendro, Tighnari, and Collei. Players who participate in the “Graven Innocence” event can get a free copy of Collei.

Jinshin effect Available on PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices.

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