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Chefs with very different personalities | Quebec elections 2022

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Francois Legault

Outgoing Prime Minister Francois Legault was the first guest on the special Five leaders in one electionBroadcast on Sunday evening on all Radio Canada platforms.

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Thomas

Stung when asked if he had not shown a certain arrogance in recent months, François Legault has sought above all to present himself as the best ambassador for ordinary citizens.

Montreal people should stop looking down on the people of Quebec and LevisAnd in response to many questions about the project to build a third link between the two cities. His message to Levis voters is as clear as that of his candidate, Bernard Drenville: He will not let a certain elite in Montreal stand in the way of the project.

While the method is effective, it omits an important fact: the opposition to the Third Connection Project is not limited to the Montreal districts. François Legault is not oblivious to this, but his aim here is rhetorical. In fact, he uses the same process to talk about the environment and reform of the voting system.

And so, the CAQ chief wants us to stop Knock on Quebec Which, he repeats, has the lowest carbon footprint statewide in North America.

As for his promise for 2018 to adopt a proportional electoral system, no one is concerned with this question, he justified, Apart from a few intellectuals.

Dominic Engled

Dominic Engled.

Liberal leader Dominic Engled.

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Thomas

Struggling with a somewhat rough start to the campaign, Dominic Engled didn’t hesitate for a second when asked if she regretted leaving CAQ, having been its former president. Not once in my lifeShe responded one by one, before setting out on a lively plea about the importance of social inclusion.

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Even if she responded easily and without errors, Dominic Engled still struggled to explain the added value of voting to the Liberal Party. Sure, its platform contains proposals for fighting inflation and reforming the health care system, but other parties are also making similar proposals.

If she had clearly defined what distinguishes her from François Legault in terms of immigration and labor shortages, one might wonder whether the subject was promising enough to convince liberal voters who passed the CAQ to return to the fold.

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois answers reporters' questions.

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, from Quebec Solidere, would be very happy to become the leader of the official opposition.

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Thomas

It is not easy to count Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, so he did not have much trouble answering sensitive questions, such as those about his past as a student activist or his party’s program, where the restriction on police carrying firearms was questioned.

Quebec Solidere spokesperson admits this without being asked: He would be very happy to become the leader of the official opposition. Such transparency in his ambitions could serve him, insofar as many voters seem to wonder who would best counterbalance François Legault.

When asked about the Constituent Assembly provided for in the Quebec Solidere programme, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois elaborated at length the process his party would follow to lead Quebec to independence. However, according to opinion polls, this may not rally all its supporters.

Paul St-Pierre Blamundon

Paul St-Pierre Blamondon on the Cinq Chefs Special, No Election.

Paul St-Pierre Blamundon

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Thomas

Usually highly intelligent, Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon let his emotions shine through by evoking the independence of Quebec. It is clear that during this campaign the Parti Québécois chose to speak first to the sovereign electorate and its leader did not deviate from this plan.

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Lacking a notoriety, Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon had the opportunity to make himself better known. His apparent loyalty may have enabled him to win new voters, even if the strategy his party is adopting is likely to bolster the support he already has.

Eric Doehme

Eric Duhaime on the set of Cinq Chefs, unelection.

Eric Duhaime on the set of Cinq Chefs, unelection.

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Thomas

Filled with questions about the health crisis, Eric Dohemy has insisted in denouncing the way the CAQ has managed the pandemic over the past two years. The Tory leader is certainly clever in his answers, recalling that many of the government’s measures, such as curfews, were not based on scientific studies.

However, the fact that he is constantly called upon to defend his past positions on the pandemic deprives him of the time he will need to expose his other positions, thus giving more room to his party.

This first televised meeting posed not so much of a risk as the discussion could be, and all the leaders came out of it without many pitfalls. The two engagements scheduled for later in the campaign could bring out other traits in their personality.

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