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Get a free opinion on nephrology thanks to the partnership between Renaloo and

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✅ A second medical opinion can be useful if you have questions or doubts about the choices to make for your health.

In October 2021, we communicated about the partnership between and Renaloo for people with chronic kidney disease.

➡ Why this initiative? Because when you are sick, when you have important decisions to make, or when you have just been told of a sensitive diagnosis, you may need the opinion of a confirming expert examining the situation from a distance. With all necessary precautions.

Resorting to a second opinion is your strictest right.
It can allow you to make your choices in a more calm manner, to remove some doubts, to answer your questions and to examine the situation from other angles.

➡️ How does it work?
Anyone suffering from chronic kidney disease can order via The opinion of a nephrologist. He will intervene in less than seven days, from the documents (your medical file) that you will send to him in complete safety and confidentiality. This need can be especially important when the medical discussion relates to accessing a kidney transplant, choosing medications, or dialysis.

This notice is for you only. It will only be shared with you and you are free to discuss it with your usual caregivers if that is your choice.

➡️ To do this, simply create an account on the site And let yourself be guided.

✅ By reporting that you came here from Renaloo, a second opinion will cost you nothing. And that’s what our partnership is all about: so that a second medical opinion is truly within everyone’s reach!

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