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Ghosts’ N Goblins Resurrection is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in June

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The ’80s reboot will land on more platforms after a Switch exclusive for around 3 months.

Credit: Capcom

After the eighth arrival vampire In May, Capcom decided to launch a reboot Resurrection of ghosts and goblins On PlayStation, Xbox, and PC from 1he is June after a successful launch in Converts In February. Consequently, players on the Nintendo console will benefit from these few months of exclusivity before the title moves to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ghosts’ N Goblins It is a fictional medieval platform game that was released in the eighties and has become a classic of its era. In rebooting, baptized criticismCapcom has preserved the essence of the original game while giving it a modern twist with new levels, co-op mode and new weapons. Note that co-op is limited to two players only and that there is no online mode. The game is inspired by games Ghosts’ N Goblins And the Ghosts of Ghouls And he didn’t lose in the difficulty because it was this game that made the game popular at that time. So, the levels are still very complex, and the gameplay is more entertaining than ever.

In this game, you still play Arthur, a brave knight who has to help his girl in distress. You will have to face all kinds of enemies from medieval myths and folklore or even zombies and mutant animals to free them. To help you, you will have eight different weapons at your disposal along with spells and special abilities to use to your advantage. Resurrection of ghosts and goblins So it will be available on all platforms by 1he is Next June. For your swords a knight!

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