The tiger mosquito hunt is underway

It returns like every year … the mosquito and its incessant buzzing. But this is it Tiger mosquito The matter that worries the regional health agency the most. This Saturday, a campaign to monitor this insect will be launched. Particularly disease-carrying type Dengue fever, The Chikungunya or even Zika. Diseases imported by travelers to France.
If a tiger mosquito bites a sick person, it can spread the virus by biting other healthy people. The last year 61 cases of dengue fever Reported in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, thanks to action taken by ARS, no indigenous case has been detected.

Measures first involve major information campaigns to eradicate Still water. In these waters, tiger mosquitoes will lay their eggs. It multiplies very quickly and quickly, it takes only 5 days to carry eggs, and the female can lay eggs 200 eggs per clutch.

To wipe it out, nothing of rocket science covers rainwater tanks, or even empties waterproof flowerpots regularly.

All sections of the region are colonial except for Cruz

How do you know that tiger mosquitoes are near you? This insect is distinguished by its peculiarities White and black stripes. Contrary to what his name suggests, he is not quite tall 5 mm, Or the size of a 1 cent coin. Another peculiarity, is Quiet And the Instead of spades during the day.

If you see one, know that it is not coming very far. In general, tiger mosquitoes do not go astray any longer 150 m Place of their birth. Therefore, if the insects crossed, you can report them

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