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Ghostwire Tokyo: Video showcasing the Japanese capital’s allegiance | Xbox One

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Released March 25, 2022, Ghost Wire: Tokyo It met with mixed success, despite the uproar for weeks. The game is currently only available on PlayStation 5 PC and won’t be released on Xbox until next year, but you can still find it Our test here. Even if the recurring aspect of Ghostwire Tokyo quickly returns to discussions as a major negative point, it is hard to criticize the huge work that has been done on the environment and the reincarnation of Tokyo in the game.

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Reproduce the Japanese capital to perfection

So it was a video posted to YouTube by ElAnalistaDeBits that caught our eye. In fact, this 8-minute video compares emblematic places of Tokyo recreated in Ghostwire Tokyo and the result is amazing. Whether in terms of proportions, layout, or building details (windows, foundations, colours), Tango Gameworks teams have done a masterful job of enhancing the player’s immersion in the game world through this clone. Almost identical to Tokyo.

The same for taxis, mailboxes, or telephone booths that benefited from a reproduction identical to what can be seen in reality. The opportunity to discover the corners of Shibuya, Tokyo Tower and the peculiarities of the world’s most populous city without leaving your seat.

Despite the fact that Ghoswire has not managed to live up to all its promises in terms of gameplay, the quality of his art direction and the richness of his world are assets worth watching and this video only confirms that.

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