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Gifts for Desmarais Angry Retirees

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Maria Gill
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Late Groupe Capitales Médias (GCM) retirees, who lost nearly 30% of their pensions, can no longer see the Legault government distribute millions of dollars to Desmarais-linked companies.

“We have been swimming in debauchery from the start, and the government is turning a blind eye,” their spokesperson, Pierre Belshat, expressed bitterly to see Quebec loosen its wallet restrictions to help Éelectrique Lion and AppDirect.

“They are given“ cancellable loans ”as if they need money. Let’s see! These people don’t need money. This is our tax,” he added after Prime Minister Legolt was also open to financing a baseball stadium.

Still not protected in Quebec

Like him, about 800 of them are angry that they have seen their pensions drop from 26 to 29% in more than a year, and they risk losing even more as their defined benefit plan ends.

Unlike in Ontario, their pensions are still unprotected, the group asserts. For example, retired from the newspaper Right And the former employees in Solly, In Ottawa, they sustained almost no injuries because they worked in the neighboring county, on the other side of the Ottawa River.

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