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Google Play Store changes to Material You ألوان colors

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Some Android users have noticed that the Play Store has started switching to Material You colors.

Source: Google News Group on Telegram

Source: Google News Group on Telegram

Turning Google apps in sauce material you continue. As a reminder, this novelty was introduced with Android 12 In principle, adapt the colors of the applications to the color of your wallpaper, in order to create a sense of unity.

We can no longer count how many apps have turned into you stuff, like GmailAnd Google AssistantAnd agendaAnd MessagesAnd Leadership or even google one. Despite its central place in the Google ecosystem, the . domain Google Play Store It is almost among the last beneficiaries of the new interface.

subtle change

As mentioned XDA DevelopersPlay Store server-side update brings precious, vibrant colors to some users.

The changes remain relatively minor. We particularly note that the search bar in the App Store takes a more rounded shape and appears to adapt to the colors the user chooses.

Similarly, the tab bar at the bottom has been changed somewhat. In lighting mode, it also adapts to its colors. In the dark, the color of the icons changes. Also, as we’ve seen a lot in the new Material You designs, the oval highlights the tab the user is in.

If the update is not available on your device yet, don’t panic, it should be soon.

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