Google will use your data to improve its voice assistant

GoogleThe US tech service giant wants to improve its Android voice assistant “Ok google” That works badly at times. That’s why I fired Help improve assistantNew feature. This is based on a method called deep learning ‘Federal Learning’. It will keep some user audio recordings on their device. These recordings will be analyzed in order to understand the reasons why the “OK Google” function is triggered when we least expect it, and also when the Android does not respond to its owner’s voice command.

Technology that respects your privacy is being used

All this in order to improve the respective voice assistant. Google also reassured worried users about protecting their personal data. “Your audio recordings remain on your device while privacy-friendly technology collects your information and the information of many other participants.” To improve quality and response “Ok google”Explanation of the US tech services giant.

The audio recordings will be deleted from the device after a maximum of 63 days. No more than 20 extracts will be kept on Android simultaneously. It will always be encrypted to ensure that users’ personal data is protected.

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