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Google’s quantum computer manages to create a time crystal!

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You may be wondering what the crystal of time is. Described as a new phase of matter out of equilibrium, it is a crystal that remains stable and ordered while constantly evolving and without emitting an ounce of energy.

Physicist Frank Wilczek first spoke about this periodic crystal structure in 2012. However, a number of physicists have questioned the existence of such materials that could violate the traditional laws of thermodynamics. But researchers from Google, Stanford, Princeton and other universities wanted to prove its existence. To do this, they used Google’s quantum computer, Sycamore.

How did they use the Google quantum computer?

confirm in recent study Using Google’s quantum computer to build a time crystal. The researchers explained in their drafts that they used A temporal inversion protocol that characterizes the external decoherence of an intrinsic heat transfer and makes use of quantitative modeling to override the exponential cost of dense sampling of the eigen spectrum ».

In addition, the researchers identified the phase transition. Out of DTC with finite volume empirical analysis. These results establish an evolutionary approach to studying non-equilibrium phases of matter on current quantum processors. “,” reports trust my knowledge.

time crystal formation

For information, a time crystal consists of three basic elements: a row of particles each with a specific magnetic orientation surrounded by a mixture of low and high energy configurations, which are called ” Multi-agency localization The second component is the reversal of the directions of these particles which is called “order of proper state”. This is a secondary localized state of many bodies. Finally, the laser light which causes a cycle of states without using the net energy of the laser itself. The result is known as “ Temporary crystal fluke The researchers concluded that this research provides An evolutionary approach to studying the imbalance stages of matter on current quantum processors ».

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In the end, one might think that time crystals can make a real revolution. However, in truth, researchers have not yet found any use for this substance. Thus, it may be necessary to wait a long time before hearing about time crystals in quantum computing, technological advances, etc.

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